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Mr Renshaw's creative career was kicked off at 16 with a two year stint in Advertising. During this heady and decadent period he discovered the appealing idea of drawing  pictures and being  paid for it. He has been doing this ever since in one form or another...mostly another.

After a briefish but enjoyable spell in prop making he spent the next 23 years in the greetings card industry, latterly as an art director on humour product. He was responsible for creating the Bubblegum character that plagued the nation throughout the nineties and beyond and which won him the Art and Design Property of the Year Award from the licensing industry,

Henry and an American Greetings

Chairman's Award.


Mr. Renshaw lives, works and wanders about in York in the North of England where he also grows a variety of veg.

A dedicated junk hound with a liking for all things Victorian he can often be spotted in the counties' salerooms bidding for something that is neither use nor ornament.

He likes walking, jazz, beer and old pubs. He tries to combine all four as often as possible.

He is generally shy and retiring but would be very happy to hear from you, even if it's only to talk leeks.


Mrrenshaw York
Mrrenshaw York

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