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Bubblegum, created in 1994 was a major part of Carlton Cards/UKGs branded product offering for over 14 years.

Over its' lifespan it attained a brand value of approx £350 million and took us on a fantastic journey through a multitude of greetings card ranges and gift and licensing applications. It appeared on everything from beach towels and bags to cakes and confectionary, becoming a highly successful perennial for many of our licensing partners. It also had its' own fan club with legions of dedicated members who kept us entertained and engaged year on year with their own versions of the characters.

In 2001 Bubblegum was awarded 'Art & Design Property of the Year' by the Licensing Industry.

It also earned an American Greetings Chairman's award for innovation and a Henry,

the greetings card industry's annual award.

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